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About Discopop

Discopop Productions was established in 1999, when we received our first commission from the BBC World Service.

Mark Savage Since then, we have provided music for a wide range of media in the UK - from TV and radio to audio books and webcasts.

All of the music is written, performed, recorded and produced by Mark Savage.

Mark was born and bred in Belfast, and studied History at Cambridge - where his band, Tuesday, played support slots for bands such as Dreadzone and Hot Chocolate.

He currently divides his time between Discopop Productions and working as an entertainment journalist at the BBC.

Mark's first record was Abba's Dancing Queen, which he bought at the age of 4. It is still the best record he ever purchased.

You can hear some of the songs he wrote with Tuesday's lead singer, Ciara McGarry, below.

Unless they don't play.

Tuesday: (l-r) Nik Stanton, Ciara McGarry, Jon Fowler, Mark Savage