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  70's Love Groove
  (You Want This, Pret A Porter Soundtrack)

  Accept Me
  (Every Time)

  And On And On
  (Any Time, Any Place)

  Megamix 1995
  (Best Things In Life Are Free, '95 release)

  One More Chance
  (If vinyl single)

  Put Your Hands On
  (All Nite Donít Stop - EU single)

  The 1814 Megamix
  (Black Cat)

  The Skin Game (Parts I and II)
  (Come Back To Me - Japanese Maxi CD,
  Rhythm Nation 1814 - UK limited cassette)

  What'll I Do - Dave Navarro Remix
  (Whoops Now)

  You Need Me
  (Miss You Much)

And On And On (sample)