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Bonus Tracks & Rarities

  (And She Said) Take Me Now
  (from Justin Timberlake's Justified)

  Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - demo
  Workin' Day And Night

  (special edition of Michael Jackson's Off The
  Wall - Janet provides backing vocals)

  God's Stepchild
  (The Velvet Rope - Japan bonus track)

  I Know The Truth
  (from Elton John's Aida soundtrack)

  I'm Here
  (Damita Jo - Japan bonus track)

  Let Me Know
  (Discipline - Japan and EU bonus track)

  Luv Me, Luv Me
  (from Shaggy's Hot Shot)

  Pops Up (vocal & instrumental version)
  Speed It Up (Put It On)
  (leaked tracks from Damita Jo sessions)

  Start Anew
  (Control - Japan bonus track)

  That's The Way Love Goes / If Medley
  (Janet - 2-disc special edition)

  The Knowledge (Q Sound Mix)
  (Design Of A Decade - 2-disc special edition)

  (All For You - Japan bonus track)

  Rollwitchu & Days Go By
  (20 YO - Japan bonus tracks)

Pops Up (sample)