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Unconfirmed, Unofficial and fake mixes

These are mixes that are listed on various websites which are of dubious origin. Some are rumoured tracks and alternative versions which have never been released. Others are created by amateur (or professional) musicians, but were never oficially commisoned by one of Janet's record labels. If I have been unable to verify the provenance of a recording, it ends up on this list - but feel free to correct me!!

When I Think Of You

Deep Dish Vocal Remix (9:27)
Deep Dish Dub Remix (11:15)
Morales House Mix (4:33)

Love Will Never Do (Without You)

Love To Infinity Acid Club Mix (6:50)
Love To Infinity Classic Paradise Radio Mix (4:08)
Love To Infinity Radio Master Mix (4:27)

That's The Way Love Goes

We Aimsta Win Dub
(possibly the same as the We Aimsta Win instrumental)

Because Of Love

Mugg's Full Hip-Hop Mix
Frankie & David Club Mix


New Jack Mix
New Jack Dance Remix
Scream Louder (Flyte Time Instrumental)

Together Again

Jonathan Peters Sound Factory Floor/Original Mix (12:29)
Jonathan Peters Tight Mix (15:24)
Jonathan Peters Tight Mix Edit Pt. 1 (5:25)
Jonathan Peters Tight Mix Edit Pt. 2 (9:49)
Jonathan Peters Vocal Radio Mix (4:28)
Jonathan Peters Mixshow (7:09)
(these were never officially released - see this interview with Jonathan Peters for details)

I Get Lonely

Jam & Lewis Silky Velvet Ballad Mix
Jam & Lewis Silky Velvet Ballad Radio Edit

All For You

Thunderpuss Military Mix
Thunderpuss Military Instrumental
Thunderpuss Military Dub

Someone To Call Me Lover

Someone To Call My Lover
Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Progressive Vocal Mix
Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Progressive Bonus Beats

Son Of A Gun (I Bet You Think This Song Is About You)

Al B Rich Son Of A Dub

Come On Get Up

Milk & Sugar Classic Mix
Milk & Sugar Classic Radio Mix
Milk & Sugar Retro Club Mix
Milk & Sugar Retro Radio Mix
Milk & Sugar Tribal Dub
Manny Lehman Tribal Remix
Mood II Swing Pacific Club Mix
(quite possibly official, but I have never seen these in the real world)

All Nite (Don't Stop)

SugarDip Breaks Remix
SugarDip Breaks Remix Radio Edit
Chris Cox Club Mix
Chad Jack Remix
Extended Mix

I Want You

Ray Roc Club Mix
Ray Roc Dub Edit
A Capella
(unconfirmed mixes)
Dr. Octavo Funk'n'Stein Extended Mix
Dr. Octavo Funk'n'Stein Radio Edit
I Want You/R&B Junkie Medley)
I Want You/R&B Junkie Medley Dub
(unofficial remixes)

R&B Junkie

Moran & Rigg Club Mix
Joe Bermudez Remix
Al B. Rich Club Mix
Arksun Club Mix
Arksun Mixshow
Russ' Undergound Mix
Dr. Octavo Funk'n'Stein Mix
Dr. Octavo Funk'n'Stein Dub


Cajjmere Wray's Electrofeed Mix
Cajjmere Wray's On the Drums Mix
Rosabel Hyper Mix
Craig J's Sassy Vox Mix
Timbaland Mix
Equiknocks Mix
Mix It Up Remix
Bryan Reyes Remix