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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really have all these mixes?
Yes - or 99% of them, at least. The ones I'm still trying to track down can be found on the wanted page.

Can you send me an MP3 of xxxx track?
Sadly not. If I send out copies of the mixes to everyone who emailed me, I wouldn't have time to do anything else! And Janet's record labels wouldn't be too happy with me, either.

I'm happy to trade CDs, though. Especially if you've got any interesting Janet memorabilia to swap.

Where can I start a collection like yours?
It's actually become a lot easier over the last couple of years, as second-hand record stores have opened up their doors online. Two great sites are eil.com and gemm.com, both of which act as a shopfront for several independent retailers.

You can also try eBay, which can be great for a bargain, but beware of people selling fakes, copies and bootlegs.

Finally, scour your local second-hand record stores and go to record fairs when you can. If you build up a proper relationship with the traders, they're more likely to let you know when something new arrives in their stock.

Do you know what record xxxx mix appears on?
Yes, and I plan to start adding these details to the site in the future. In the meantime, the Craving Janet website has a good discography section, with catalogue numbers for most of Janet's releases.

I have a mix you haven't listed, can you add it to the website?
I only put up details of mixes that I own - or that I've seen in the "real world". If you can provide evidence that it's a legitimate mix (a photograph of the record label usually suffices) then send it over and I'll happily update the website.

Why have you listed some of the mixes as unofficial or fakes?
As I said above, I only put up details of mixes that I can verify as having been comissioned and released by Janet's various record labels over the years. There are plenty of bedroom mixers and professional DJs that create their own remixes to use in clubs, or for bragging rights on the internet, but I don't consider them to be part of Janet's official discography.

Having said that, if you know I'm wrong, I'll happily admit it and update the site accordingly.

How can I get in touch?
See that address at the top of the page? Email me there!