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Love Will Never Do (Without You)

  US release November, 1990
  UK release 22 October, 1990
  Album version (5:50)
  Single Version (4:33)
  A Capella (3:49)
  Shep's Original 7" (4:28)
  Shep's Love Mix (6:04)
  The Love 7" (4:37)
  The Love Dub (6:07)
  Shep's Work It Out Mix (7:38)
  Work It Out 7" (4:15)
  Work It Out 7" with Intro (4:49)
  The Work It Out Dub (4:50)
  UK Funky Mix (6:56)
  UK Funky 7" (4:30)
  UK Funky Instrumental (6:06)

  1995 club re-release?

  Club Mix (6:46)
  Acid Vocal (9:24)
  Acid Dub (6:27)
  Instrumental (6:46)

These mixes were not released commercially, and it has never been verified that they were comissioned by Janet's former record label, A&M.

They are often called the Roger S mixes, but the only available vinyl - a Paramax test pressing - does not indentify them as such. It is entirely possible that they are bootlegs, but they are generally accepted as genuine.

UK Funky Mix (sample)